We specialise in Private Equity (PE) with two main avenues of investment: direct investment in PE Companies, and indirect via PE funds. We also invest in quoted stocks both directly and through external managers.

Deal Size and Structure

  • We work responsively and are not tied to investment cycles
  • We only invest in partnership with others
  • We invest between £1m to £5m in direct investments and between £2m to £7m in PE funds

Who we invest in

  • We are open to any sector
  • We are motivated by creative industry innovators who are doing exciting things in their field

Our ethics

  • We do not invest in companies that are directly detrimental to health or the environment, or companies that exploit; and we do not invest in the trade or manufacture of arms
  • We welcome investments that have a sustainability focus, or that are working to effect positive social change

Why partner with us

Alexander Square Partners are:

  • Constructive and active investors with a wealth of collective experience in PE
  • Decisive and responsive, able to act quickly on an investment
  • Supportive and open to providing advice
  • Flexible and happy to do follow ons