Alexander Square Partners is a family office with a wide range of investment activities, with a specialism in private equity. A proportion of profits are directed to philanthropic causes.

Our beginning

Alexander Square Partners was founded by David Symondson in 2018

With decades of experience as a partner in a Private Equity firm, Electra Partners (now Epiris), his vision was to establish an ambitious family office unconstrained by sector-specific interests and supported by a wealth of wide-ranging experience and success in the world of Private Equity.

Who we are

Since joined by his daughter, Lucy D’cruz, Chris Collins (a former Electra colleague) and Helen Kilsby, these four Directors together comprise the Investment Committee.  They are supported by Sabina Cook who has worked alongside David and his family for 11 years whilst at Electra Partners and who continues to play a crucial role in the smooth running of investment and family operations.  More information on the team can be found here.

Meet the team

How we invest

Our specialism is Private Equity (PE) with two main avenues of investment: direct investment in PE Companies, and indirect via PE funds. We also have interests in quoted investments managed both internally and by external fund managers.

We are not tied to investment cycles, and operate flexibly and quickly. We only invest in partnership with others, and are open to constructively engaging with investees, lending advice where appropriate. Investment size varies greatly, as we commit anything between £1m to £5m to our direct investments, and £2m to £7m to PE funds. 

We range widely and freely in our direct investments, and are motivated by creative, intelligent industry innovators rather than by sector. We do not invest in companies that are detrimental to health or the environment, and welcome investments that have sustainability or progress at their heart. Learn more about our current and realised investments here.

Learn more about our current and realised investments


Alexander Square Partners are committed to donating a percentage of their annual realised profits to The Symondson Foundation, an affiliate charitable fund established by David Symondson in 2017. The Foundation is run by his eldest daughter, Kate Symondson, who is supported by a committee of David and his wife, Fiona. You can learn more about the purpose and practice of the Foundation here.

Learn more about the purpose and practice of the Foundation