A spectacular evening with London Youth Choirs

5 July 2022

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In one of their first performances since the pandemic, London Youth Choirs launched their ambitious fundraising campaign with a sensorially glorious evening at Drapers Hall. A fortunate crowd of guests, including our Head of Philanthropy, were treated to an evening of select LYC choirs giving a glimpse of the talent, energy, and friendship the charity cultivates in its community of young singers. The chamber choir’s profoundly moving delivery of Eric Whitacre’s arrangement of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy the Silence’ whilst one of their members danced was mesmeric, and a firm testament to the world-class talent LYC helps to nurture. And the coming together of all of the evening’s choirs, including their conductors, to exuberantly deliver ‘Just Sing’ from the film ‘Trolls’, was a rousing, affirming celebration of the power of music for music’s sake. 

Our CEO, David Symondson, was one of the founders of the youth choirs, recognising its potential for drawing together disparate and diverse young people of all backgrounds from across London, and creating community through singing. As it approaches its 10th anniversary, LYC’s ambition is to extend their reach further out into the edges of London, realising their goal of having 4 regional choirs as well as their central-hub. By continuing to collaborate with local communities, bringing their passion and musical excellence into areas largely deprived of a musical education, LYC are working to create opportunities for personal growth and connection with others, whilst striving to make access more equitable. To achieve all this, they need to raise £1m in the next 2 years. 

‘The Symondson Foundation are proud to support LYC as they approach the mental health and wellbeing needs of their community with the same care and commitment that they do to their exceptional musical education.’ Kate Symondson, our Head of Philanthropy

The Symondson family and our Foundation are proud to have an ongoing relationship with LYC that reaches right back to their beginning. We appeal to our network of friends, fellow-investors, and music-lovers to help them to enrich ever more young lives with the joy, solace, and community of choral music. 

You can learn more about how to help, here. Or contact our Head of Philanthropy, Kate Symondson, to hear more about why we support LYC.

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